2016 Festival

What to expect

The Festival of Song 2016 will continue to showcase a rich diversity of genres, styles, repertoires and workshop activities through its seven strands. They are:

  • Ticketed Performances in some of Bristol's best venues
  • Free early evening performances in Colston Hall Foyer
  • Workshops and SoundBoards
  • Song Trail
  • Song Raids around the city centre & harbourside
  • SongLines Educational Programme running throughout the year


The Festival of Song arose in 2009 as a wish to highlight and celebrate Bristol’s growing vocal community. With such a diversity of individual singers, small groups, large community choirs and ensembles singing regularly across a range of genres, the opportunity to celebrate this shared love of singing clearly needed to be addressed.

Bristol - City of Song

Bristol is justifiably proud to call itself a Singing City.  The ever increasing number of people singing and the range of choir is this year's festival demonstrates again that we are a multifaceted, creative and culturally rich city. There is now clear evidence that singing is beneficial to an individual's health and well-being and engenders a sense of belonging, creativity and community cohesion.  It's also great fun!

The future...

The ten day Festival of Song is now firmly established as a vital element of the city's cultural calendar.  Moving forward from the fifth festival in 2015 the organisers intend to continue to expand the range and depth of the event by inviting regional, national and international performers to take part. However, the beating heart of the festival will always be the city's own talented, committed and diverse singing community who have made Bristol the UK's finest City of Song.

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