Saturday 8th October

Harbourside & City Song Raids

Song Raids are a Gathering Voices speciality! In the style of the contemporary flash mob, in locations across the city centre, Clifton Village and harbourside - look out for for some of the city's finest acappella talent offering intimate performances, just for you...

Seadog Circuit starts at 11.30am:

Land Lubber Circuit starts at 12.05pm:

Who's singing where and when?


The BlueBelles

- 11.30 The Matthew, 11.50 M Shed West Foyer, 12.20 Bristol Ferry Co. from Cascade Steps to SS Gt Britain, 12.50 Brunel's Buttery

This all female acappella choir based in Wiltshire performs at events all over the South West with a core repertoire focused on traditional barbershop songs from the early part of the twentieth century.

Gurt Lush Choir

- 11.30 Arnolfini, 11.50 Pero's Bridge, 12.10 Millennium Square, 12.30 Harbour Steam Trains from outside M Shed

They aim to sing the eclectic mix of a good community choir, but with the ambitious harmony, tone colour and sophistication of a good choral society. Don't miss them!


- 11.40 Bristol Ferry Co. from Cascade Steps to SS Gt Britain, 12.20 Brunel's Buttery, 12.30 The Matthew, 12.50 M Shed West Foyer

Bristol-based acappella group founded in 1994 that sings an eclectic mix of folk, jazz, classical and popular songs.  They regularly perform in Bristol and further afield at both public and private events.

Redland Green Choir

- 11.50 The Matthew, 12.10 Harbour Steam Trains from outside M Shed, 12.30 Millennium Square, 12.50 Cascade Steps

A non-auditioning community choir that enjoys singing about love in the 1960s, death in Latin, God in Russian and sex in sixteenth-century madrigals in equal measure.

WorldRoots Acappella

- 11.50 Millennium Square, 12.10 M Shed West Foyer, 13.10 Arnolfini, 13.50 Cascade Steps

Fresh from summer performances at Glastonbury Festival and WOMAD, WorldRoots Acappella is in its 13th year as Bristol's foremost world music youth acappella ensemble.  They feel it will be a lucky year!


- 12.10 The Matthew, 12.50 Millennium Square, 13.30 Pero's Bridge, 13.50 M Shed West Foyer

Ponita is a subset of the People of Note choir. We like to perform at local events and festivals and occasionally further afield.

The Magnificent AK47

- 12.30 M Shed, 12.50 The Matthew, 13.10 Pero's Bridge, 13.30 Cascade Steps

Amen's singing group capable of lowering the tone and raising a laugh simultaneously in any setting with deep, Georgian-inspired harmonies and serious silliness.

Bristol MAN Chorus

- 13.10 The Matthew, 13.30 Millennium Square, 13.50 Pero's Bridge, 14.30 M Shed West Foyer

The mighty Male Voice classics from the Land of the Dragon. Georgian/Bulgarian repertoire to make the very stones weep. Vintage Barbershop cheese (tempered with a small pinch of salt). Also odes to facial hair, garden sheds, reversing round corners...

Sing Out Bristol - CANCELLED

- 13.10 M Shed, 13.30 The Matthew, 13.50 Harbour Steam Trains from outside M Shed, 14.10 Pero's Bridge

Sing Out Bristol are the South West’s award-winning Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Choir.

Glos Vox

- 13.30 M Shed West Foyer, 13.50 Arnolfini, 14.10 Millennium Square, 14.50 The Matthew

An acappella community choir who practise in Horfield. They sing a range of repertoire including folk, world and contemporary songs and learn everything by ear.

Barley Rye Folk Song Choir

- 13.50 The Matthew, 14.10 Harbour Steam Trains from outside M Shed, 14.50 Millennium Square, 15.10 Cascade Steps

This community choir was formed as an offshoot of Nailsea Folk Club, giving people who attend the club as part of the audience a go at singing in public.  They sing mainly folk songs and are open to all who are interested in singing.

Riff Raff Choir (Bishopston & Fishponds groups)

- 13.50 Brunel's Buttery, 14.10 The Matthew, 14.30 Harbour Steam Trains from outside M Shed, 14.50 Pero's Bridge

One of Bristol’s most exciting choirs, singing a vibrant mix of pop songs from across the decades.

Riff Raff Choir (Clifton & Southville groups)

- 14.10 Arnolfini, 14.30 Stag Beetle Anchor Square, 14.50 Cascade Steps, 15.10 M Shed West Foyer

One of Bristol’s most exciting choirs, singing a vibrant mix of pop songs from across the decades.

SoulRoots Acappella

- 14.10 Stag Beetle Anchor Square, 14.30 Arnolfini, 14.50 M Shed West Foyer, 15.10 The Matthew

A female voice acappella group singing gospel, blues and funk songs of passion and power.

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